Telemedicine optimization, actionable data insights, revenue cycle innovation for your bottom line.

Let our expert team of clinicians, analysts and technologists work with you to maximize $$$s and quality!

Simpler, Cheaper Telemedicine

Our innovative product can help hospitals, ACOs and other providers easily implement telemedicine using our smart process without having to give up revenue to large telemedicine companies. You have the doctors and other clinicians start making revenue from a new stream!!!

In some APMs we have additional codes and tools to be compliant to bill for more revenue

We help Hospitals, ACO’s, Patients, Employers improve quality and reduce cost.

Data Analytics with Actionable Intelligence

We can help you come ahead in the new way of managing your Population Health, Value Based Contracts, APMs, Quality Measures with our Business Intelligence tool. It can help predict outcomes of a group by monitoring and identifying individual patients within that group and proactively intervene. We have the clinicians to help you do that too.

Revenue Cycle Innovations

As early innovators who helped pave the way for Value-Based Models and other APMs, Globex team strive to make it easy and simple to navigate the new way of getting fully reimbursed for the services provided, including the PMPM and Bonus Payments/Shared Savings. Narrow network and new products employer level and provider level. We are now working on Blockchain in Healthcare, especially in the revenue cycle. (More about our blockchain work can be found in our secure invitation-only private website).

Why Us? What is our edge?

  • We use wearables, data insights, deep population health management expertise, chronic disease management insights to create a real time status with action plan that can keep patient well/recovering than a potential decline or readmission.
  • Using our years of expertise in design and implementation for large insurance companies in our prior careers, we are able to help customize solutions that are more efficient, increasing quality, shared savings and patient satisfaction.
  • This is done smoothly
  • We have Artificial Intelligence to bring quantum level personalized results.
  • Phase 2 plan for VR patient teaching in 2018
  • Value Based Payment Model
  • Optimization
    • More Revenue
    • Reduce Readmission
    • Increase Quality
    • Optimize Shared Savings
    • Risk Score/Attributed Population
  • Proprietary Clincal/Tech Platform that helps you manage chronic conditions better at home/work while reducing overall of cost of care
  • Hidden Revenue Cycle Challenges in the world of P4P Bundling